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Hemp Oil Horse Pellets

Hemp Horse Oil

Hemp Horse Pellets – Reduce Pet Stress, Anxiety, and Aggression – Hip and Joint Non-GMO Calming Supplement

Zatural Equine Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil for Horse

100% Pure ingredients. 0 Fillers, 0 Artificial Ingredients. Pure Hemp Ingredients. Advanced Equine Formula.

Silver Lining Herbs Hemp Oil

Silver Lining Herbs Hemp Oil

All Natural Herbal Horse Oil – Horse Health Support of The Immune System, Joints, and Cardiovascular System.

CBD began to be used more and more often for medical purposes. It is known for its analgesic properties as well as good effects on psychological health. However, it turned out that CBD is also a good drug for animals. For example, for horses. It helps them deal with the same symptoms. And if the question now arises: will my horse feel high? No, it is impossible. CBD for horses has extremely low THC content. It is created for other purposes. Therefore, it meets the inspection standards. Let’s talk in more detail about what is CBD and what are its benefits for horses.

What is CBD oil for horses

CBD is a chemical saucer found in hemp. It has a very low content of THC(0.3). That is why it does not cause psychedelic effects and is allowed in most states. It also helps to get rid of various symptoms of pain and anxiety. The lack of high THC content made CBD permitted for animals. It is used for them for similar purposes as for humans. So how does it work? Animals have an endocannabinoid system that serves as a signal system. It reacts to the unstable work of the body and tries to fix it quickly. In fact, endocannabinoid system is responsible for the skin, body, gastrointestinal tract, and others. The cannabinoid CBD helps this system by activating it. Scientists have found that CBD interacts well with the endocannabinoid system of animals. That is why it has been used to relieve certain symptoms.

What are the benefits of CBD oil for horses

So, what are the benefits of CBD pellets for horses? As we know, horses can withstand heavy loads. They walk a lot, run, and carry a lot of weight, then get tired. As a result of this, horses have various injuries and inflammatory processes and may feel severe pain because of this.

Studies have shown that CBD helps reduce their pain and swelling. That is why horse owners buy it for their animals. It also can relieve inflammation. Removal of inflammation occurs by reducing inflammatory cytokines in the animal. Also, some horses suffer from joint pain due to constant loads. This can develop into a chronic disease. That is why we also use CBD for horses arthritis.

Did you know that horses can also experience and feel stress? It turns out that all competitions bring lots of stress to them. Horses don’t like indoor performances. They are stressed when left alone because they are herd animals. In addition, horses do not like to stay in the stable for long. All these anxieties turn into a severe depression which can be the cause of the death of the horse. 

We know that CBD has soothing properties. It relieves tension in the body and makes the mood happier. That’s why they started using CBD for horses to calm anxiety. CBD compound help horses to cope with all stressful situations more easily.

Gastrointestinal problems are another disease that horses face. You can understand this when they refuse to eat. This also happens when the horse is worried. CBD restores appetite. It also relieves inflammation in the stomach, which can cause a lack of appetite.

How to make CBD oil for horses

There are different ways to extract CBD oil from hemp. The most common method is the use of CO2. With its help, CBD is separated from the plant. Regarding dosage, you need to know how much pure oil is in the product. To do this, read the instructions carefully.

Let’s also talk about CBD dosage for horses. You need to know the weight and size of the animal before determining the dosage. Besides, do not forget about the individuality of each organism. Depending on the body weight and age, it is also recommended for horses to start with the lowest dose of CBD. The optimal dose is considered to be 100-125 mg. However, make sure that this is the dose of CBD oil and not the product itself. This may affect the insufficient effect. If your horse has severe symptoms, the dose should be increased. However, it is worth agreeing with your veterinarian.

There are also different ways to use CBD for horses. It can be entered on the tongue. Syringes are used for this purpose. This method has a subliming effect. This is important when you need to provide an ambulance. You can also use CBD as a food supplement. There are various foods with oil for this. Another way is to use an ointment with CBD oil. It is used for application to wounds with an inflammatory process. They promote rapid healing.