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Member Berry *AAAA Quad*

Member Berry AAAA Quad

Member Berry is an Indica-dominant Hybrid strain created by crossing the Skunkberry and Mandarin Sunset strains.

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BC Rockstar, also known as Rockstar Kush, is a popular strain in British Columbia renowned for its excellent medical qualities.

Apple Fritter *AAAA Quad*

Apple Fritter - By Formula BC AAAA Quad

Apple Fritter, AKA “Apple Fritters,” is a rare, evenly balanced Hybrid created by crossing the classic Sour Apple and Animal Cookies strains.

If you are interested in hemp, you should know that there are about 100 strains. That is why it is difficult to distinguish them. However, it is important to be able to do this. First, you need to know the effect of each for the easier choice. Indica is a type of hemp that has a unique physical and psychological effect. Therefore, it is worth learning more about them before you experience their effect.

Indica strains characteristics

Indica differs from other types of cannabis in its appearance. You can easily recognize it. They have very noticeable dark green leaves. That is why they are easy to distinguish. The Indica leaves are broad and low. You can also notice them by the peculiarity of growth. The leaves are directed upwards and are strengthened to withstand the weight of future buds. The buds are located at the ends of the branches. That is why the plant chooses such a shape of the leaves for don’t break through them. However, there are subspecies in which the leaves grow down. Therefore, sometimes they need help when the flowers appear. Let’s consider the best Indica strains, which have amazing flavors, fertility, incredible effect, and interesting structure.

The first type is Critical +. It has a strong trunk to support flowering. The buds remind bubbles that are located on the tips of the leaves. This kind of Indica gives a lot of resin. That is why it will provide a sufficient effect for relaxation. Also, this species has its citrus flavor. It is important for most consumers.

The next one is Channel +. It is special because it blooms very quickly. That is why you can harvest quickly. It is also very compact and fertile and has a large CBD content, which helps to relax quickly. 

California Indica is a species that differs in yield and aroma. That is why it is one of the most popular Indica strains. This effect of the plant appeared due to its crossing. Its aroma is reminiscent of citrus. That is why its use never gets bored. California Indica gives a slight effect of euphoria. That is why it is perfect for relaxing with friends.

Growing Indica indoors and outdoors

Indica is perfect for growing both indoors and outdoors. So, why is it convenient to keep them in the room? They are very compact. However, they have a lot of harvests. That is why you can use not much space for them but get flowering quickly and in large quantities. Of course, they need special care. Also, during flowering, you should take care of pruning.

We can also grow them outdoors. They love fresh air. However, they are afraid of the rain. So, make sure it doesn’t get on them. It can cause the formation of fungi.

What are the effects of an Indica?

Indica contains a large amount of THC and CBD. That is why they have intense, analgesic, and relaxing effects. However, they do not cause a strong psychedelic effect. It helps people relax after an intense day and stop overthinking. It also helps fight insomnia, improve appetite, and fight nausea. Furthermore, it is recommended for reducing pain.

Most Indica strains are hybrids. People take them to achieve different effects from use. However, you can determine what effect they will give after reading about parental Indica effects. They will be similar. Usually, hybrid plants cause feelings of euphoria, calm, happiness and have analgesic effects.

The soothing effect of Indica encourages us to use it the night before bed. However, you should be confident in the reaction of your body. So, it is better to start with a small dosage. It will help you explore how your body responds to Indica. Also, don’t forget that you may have side effects. For instance, you may experience anxiety, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and dry eyes, paranoia, palpitations.

What are Indica strains good for

Indica effects are known for their analgesic properties. That is why people often use them to regain strength. After a hard day’s work, our muscles are tense. That’s why we need to relax them to recover for the next day. Indiсa copes well with this task. They help a person to calm down. That is why it should be used to reduce the duration of stress. New Indica strains are also being developed to treat specific diseases like epilepsy, HIV / AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, glaucoma, arthritis, cancer, and others.