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Home-Complete Marijuana Greenhouse

This versatile greenhouse is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use; keep it on your backyard patio, deck, or in the basement or garage!

OGrow Marijuana Green Greenhouse

OGrow OG6834-S GreenhouseOGrow OG6834-S Greenhouse

Place the greenhouse indoor inside your garage during the cold winter or outside With no PVC cover during the hot summer.

OGrow Marijuana Portable Greenhouse

OGrow Marijuana Portable Greenhouse

Constructed with heavy duty powder-coated steel shelving. Strong durable green cover manufactured from heavy duty material.

Growing marijuana at home is a great opportunity to take care of the quality of the product yourself. Marijuana can grow inside or outside. In the room, these plants often do not receive enough light. That is why it is better to plant them outside. However, this method is also not ideal for obtaining a quality product. You can reverse one of these two ways or try a third. This method is growing marijuana in greenhouses. It is a good alternative to getting a good product by providing marijuana with the necessary living conditions. You can grow marijuana in a simple greenhouse for yourself this way or buy commercial greenhouses for marijuana for your own business

Why grow cannabis in a greenhouse?

Why is this method suitable for growing marijuana? First of all, it provides all the benefits of growing outdoors. The plant can get enough sun, and therefore heat and light, which are necessary for the development and growing of marijuana. You can also provide them with fresh air. No less important is the protection of the plant from external damage. That is why a greenhouse is a great solution to this problem. You can protect cannabis strains from rain. So, how does it work? Greenhouse transmits sunlight into the soil and plants. That is why the heat stays inside when the cold air outside. Also, plants and soil emit infrared radiation that cannot go beyond the greenhouse. It also provides warm air inside your greenhouse. This method also allows you to grow marijuana all year round.

How large do cannabis plants get inside a greenhouse?

The conditions in which you grow marijuana affect how it grows. Greenhouses provide them with conditions that are similar to growing outdoors. That is why you can get the same large plants. That is, you can get 2-3 meters cannabis strains at home. Of course, it depends on the size of the greenhouse as well as the free space in it. Therefore, you can influence the result yourself. First, you should pay attention to the type of cannabis and how it grows. If you do not have enough space you can skip the vegetative phase and go to the flowering phase. This way you can control the height of the plant.

Where to locate your greenhouse

You can build yourself a greenhouse or buy one. It all depends on your goals. So, how to make greenhouses for marijuana? If you are planning to build it yourself, you need to think carefully about the right location. It will affect how marijuana grows. Therefore, pay attention to the light that your plant can receive. It is best to place your greenhouse in the southern or southeastern part of your home. Of course, if you live in a hot climate, you need to take care of shading. Do not forget about the electricity you will need to conduct heat and light. The wind can be one of the obstacles because it can blow your greenhouse. Therefore, either take care of shelter or additional reinforcement. Think about the water supply: plan the location near the water supply and drainage. Of course, for starters, you can carry water yourself. However, the automatic irrigation of plants can come in handy. You also need to think about where the water will drain. It requires a special place.

Advantages of growing greenhouse marijuana

Marijuana greenhouses have many benefits. Let’s talk about them in more detail. As you have already understood, you can grow plants all year round. This is one of the advantages because you want to get more product in less time. All you need to do is add the light or heat that they need. It all depends on the season you choose to grow. You can also control the temperature at which marijuana grows. In this way, you will be able to adapt to the climate that is favorable for them. It is important because the climate is often not suitable for growing a quality product. You will also be able to expend less energy than during indoor cultivation. Of course, greenhouses for marijuana are also extra protection. You can not worry about waking up in the morning and not finding your harvest. And the last advantage is the economy. You can very cheaply buy greenhouses that will allow you to get a quality product. You can also make it yourself. It will be cheaper.