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6 Awesome Cannabis Gifts for Non-Smokers

Don’t leave your non-smoking friends and family out of the weed-giving! Here are some cannabis gifts that don’t require any inhaling, combusting, or even vaping.

Cannabis gifts for non-smokers are a great way to make those who aren’t too fond of smoking not feel left out. While bongs, pipes, and vaporizers are great ideas for those who smoke, the following cannabis gift guide will make it easy to give the gift of weed to everyone.

wrapped cannabis gifts for non-smokers

Cannabis gift guide for non-smokers

Let’s get into it!

Edibles are classic cannabis gifts for non-smokers

Who doesn’t love getting baked goods around the holidays – or ever? You can easily boost your holiday baking game by introducing cannabis into the mix!

Cannabis edibles aren’t as hard to make as you think. There are a variety of ways to go about it. You can make medicated cookies, bread, candies, and even savory treats! This is a great time to let your culinary imagination run free.

Making edibles as a cannabis gift for non-smokers usually takes one extra ingredient. As such, you’ll likely need some cannabis butter or oil to infuse your treats, but these are pretty easy to make.

Spread some love with the Canndora HighOnLove Edition gift box

Speaking of oils, Canndora features one of my favorites (and much more) in the HighOnLove gift box. This cannabis gift for non-smokers is great for those who want to experiment with both sex and cannabis (without the “high”).

The Canndora HighOnLove Edition includes the HighOnLove Orgasm Oil, Orgasm Gel, and Couples Lip Gloss. All are wonderful additions with a partner but they’re awesome solo too.

What makes these so great for non-smokers (and even those new to cannabis) is that you don’t need to consume them to reap the benefits.

The Montreal brand uses hemp seed oil and HighOnLove products are vegan, cruelty and chemical-free. They’re also gynecologically tested so there’s little to worry about.

sexy cannabis gifts for non-smokers
Canndora Club HighOnLove Edition

Oils are easy cannabis gifts for non-smokers

If you’re only feeling half inspired, you can go ahead and use oils (or butter mentioned above) as gifts themselves. No baking required.

Cannabis oils are a great gift for the DIY-er in your life, or for those who prefer to consume oils over flower. They’re also great for those who want to use oils as topicals.

Giving oils as a cannabis gift for non-smokers allows you to get crafty with bottling so you can make this gift extra special.

Give the gift of relief with the EKS Pain and Inflammation Skin Salve

Know someone suffering from muscle and joint pain? The Pain and Inflammation Skin Salve from Earth Kisses Sky is another great topical that’s perfect for non-smokers – especially stiff ones.

This all-natural skin balm is made to be medicated; “just add oil” as the container suggests. While it’s easy to add THC or CBD oil to the salve, it’s also awesome on its own.

The Skin Salve is anti-inflammatory and helps reduce pain in tight and annoying spots. Its herbal scent is non-invasive and doesn’t remain on your fingers, giving it a super smooth and luxurious feel.

What’s best is that the jars are great to give as gifts, or to re-use later!

EKS Pain & Inflammation Skin Salve

Make medicating easy with Redecans Gems 5:0 THC capsules

Capsules fit this cannabis gift guide perfectly since they’re basically made as an alternative to smoking cannabis.

While consuming capsules might give you a different high than smoking, they’re still great for medicating and Redecans Gems 5:0 THC capsules is a pretty solid option.

If you’re getting cannabis gift for non-smokers, a traveler, or someone on the go, these cannabis capsules are worth some consideration.

Redecan Gems 5:0 THC capsules

Give some joy and laughter with 420 Libs

Another non-consumable cannabis gift is 420 Libs. This cannabis book is modeled after mad libs, taking stories from cannabis culture and business.

This is perfect for writers, readers, or anyone who loves to kick back with a fun yet simple activity.

You’ll have a few editions to choose from, including the highly appropriate Holidaze Edition featuring Frosty the Stoned Man.

Written by cannabis industry expert, Jorie Henrickson, 420 Libs is a great way to spread some cannabis fun.

420Libs cannabis book table of contents
420 Libs: Mixed Bag Edition

To roll this up

This cannabis gift guide has some classics and a few modern additions for cannabis gifts for non-smokers. Whatever you decide, and whether your giftee smokes or not, these gifts are sure to put a smile on someone’s face.


1. Can non-smokers enjoy cannabis gifts?

Absolutely! There are many ways for non-smokers to enjoy cannabis, such as through edibles, topicals, and oils.

2. What are some popular cannabis gifts for non-smokers?

Some popular cannabis gifts for non-smokers include edibles, cannabis-infused oils, topical salves, and cannabis books.

3. Are there any cannabis gifts that don’t require consuming cannabis?

Yes, there are non-consumable cannabis gifts available, such as cannabis books, accessories, and skincare products.

4. Are there any cannabis gift options for those who don’t want to get high?

Yes, there are cannabis products available that are low in THC or contain only CBD, which provides the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects.

5. Can cannabis gifts be given to someone who doesn’t use cannabis?

Yes, cannabis gifts can be a unique and thoughtful gift for someone who doesn’t currently use cannabis. They may discover new ways to enjoy its benefits or appreciate the novelty of the gift.

What are your favorite cannabis gifts for non-smokers?

Dr. Jen Chalmers
Dr. Jen Chalmers
Dr. Jen Chalmers is an accomplished writer and cannabis enthusiast. With a Ph.D. in Botany and years of experience as a researcher, she brings a scientific perspective to her captivating articles on cannabis news, recipes, and the fascinating world of psychedelics.

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