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All about GB Nutrients products

Due to years of cultivation expertise, Grow Barato takes a leap forward by introducing its own line of fertilizers under the brand GB Nutrients. This new range represents the perfect blend of Grow Barato’s extensive cultivation experience and the application of cutting-edge technology. Discover everything about the top-notch products available in this article.

Unveiling the innovative GB Nutrients line by Grow Barato

After years in the cultivation realm, GB The Green Brand has crafted a line of new fertilizers tailored for marijuana cultivation called GB Nutrients. In addition, the goal is to provide cannabis growers, regardless of their experience level, with a reliable tool for achieving exceptionally high-quality yields effortlessly.

Who is GB Nutrients for?

GB Nutrients is specifically designed for growers entering the world of growing who may not have the time to monitor specific values like conductivity or pH. Indeed, this basic nutrient range ensures optimal performance without the risk of saturation or deficiencies in plants, guaranteeing a quality harvest.

Key features

Among the standout features of the GB Nutrients range are:

  • Formula based on easily absorbable biominerals that facilitate nutrient uptake by plants.
  • Provides essential elements in an optimal balance with suitable NPK levels.
  • Integrates Biomol-S technology, making a difference in plant structural development and boosting production.

What is Biomol-S technology?

What truly sets GB Nutrients fertilizers apart is the incorporation of Biomol-S technology. Further, this innovative technology includes metabolism-inducing biomolecules such as Fucoidan and Alginate, providing an additional dose of energy. These compounds promote structural plant development, resulting in incredible and high-quality production.

Moreover, thanks to this technology, GB Nutrients products are pre-dosed, eliminating the need to monitor certain parameters that can cause issues like electrical conductivity or pH.

GB Nutrients covers everything for each plant phase

GB Nutrients offers products specifically designed for each stage of cultivation and development, from rooting to flowering and harvest. With GB Nutrients, you can find the perfect fertilizer for each phase, ensuring healthy and balanced plant development. Some of the flagship products include:

  • Roots GB Nutrients for the rooting phase, a high-quality root stimulator formulated with a bio-mineral blend of nitrogen, amino acids, polysaccharides, and organic acids that meet nutritional needs during rooting.
  • Grow GB Nutrients, perfect for plant development, strengthens stems, root systems, and promotes healthy and broad leaves. It provides strength and resistance, reducing stress and offering energy for a perfect vegetative phase.
  • Bloom GB Nutrients for flowering, ensuring more flowering points, abundant buds, and increased resin production, enhancing compactness, flavor, and aroma.

The best additives and boosters

For even more impressive harvests, you can use stimulators and additives to give your plants a final boost, resulting in incredibly heavy and dense buds. These products are straightforward to use.

  • Boost GB Nutrients: Ideal for boosting bud size and density during the fattening phase, with a complete and highly assimilable formula.
  • Sugar GB Nutrients: A bio-mineral sweetener to enhance the flavor and aroma of flowers, increasing resin production. It contains carbohydrates, sugars, and essential nutrients to improve the organoleptic properties of fruits.

GB Nutrients packs with everything you need for your cultivation

Explore different packs in the GB Nutrients catalog to get everything you need and maximize your cultivation’s potential. These packs include:

  • Sugar Pack GB Nutrients: Ideal for growers with a few plants in their cultivation. It comes with a growth fertilizer, a flowering fertilizer, and a flavor enhancer.
  • Boost Pack GB Nutrients: The best option for organoleptic and production issues, thanks to its innovative formulation, giving plants an extra boost.

Boom Nutrients vs. GB Nutrients

Both Boom Nutrients and GB Nutrients are brands created by Grow Barato to offer the best cultivation fertilizers to cannabis growers. However, Boom Nutrients is more focused on manufacturing different fertilizers for marijuana cultivation with more optimal and precise formulations, requiring regular control of certain variables like pH or EC. Therefore, it is more recommended for experienced growers.

On the contrary, GB Nutrients is focused on growers who are starting or have time constraints to control these variables. These differences can be seen in various products, as shown in the tables below:

Roots Boom

Feature Roots Boom (Boom Nutrients) Roots (GB Nutrients)
Key Ingredients Extract of Ascophyllun nodosum algae, other nutrient-rich components Nitrogen, amino acids, polysaccharides, organic acids, Fucoidan, Alginates
Recommended Use Young plants, rooted cuttings, mother plants Seedlings, transplanted cuttings, mother plants
Application Stages Growth and flowering Second week of growth until flowering phase
Key Benefits Drastic increase in the size and thickness of the root system Formation of root hairs Accelerates post-transplant rooting Improves nutrient assimilation Considerable increase in production Stimulates root development, leaves, trunk, and stems Contributes to balanced structural growth Favors the formation of adventitious roots
Additional Biomolecules Not specified Fucoidan and Alginates (Biomol-S)

Growth Boom

Feature Growth Boom (Boom Nutrients) Grow (GB Nutrients)
Key Ingredients Bio-mineral, formulated in a single part Growth base, Biomol-S technology
Recommended Use Outdoor and indoor crops, peat or high peat percentage Vegetative stage, promotes strong stems and powerful root system
Application Stages From the first 10-20 days to the 2nd week of flowering From the beginning of the growth phase until transitioning to flowering
Key Benefits Considerable increase in above-ground development Promotes strong stems and powerful root system Improves overall resistance capacity Healthy and green leaves for efficient photosynthesis Increased vigor and size in treated plants Promotes strong stems and powerful root system Healthy and green leaves for efficient photosynthesis
Additional Biomolecules Not specified Fucoidan and Alginates (Biomol-S)

Flowering Boom

Feature Flowering Boom (Boom Nutrients) Bloom (GB Nutrients)
Key Ingredients Bio-mineral, basic for flowering stage Bio-mineral, designed for the flowering cycle
Recommended Use Outdoor and indoor crops, peat or high peat percentage Vegetative stage, promotes strong stems and powerful root system
Application Stages Flowering From the beginning of the flowering phase until root flushing
Key Benefits Increases flower formation and size Boosts resin formation Provides vital energy for flowering Accelerates flowering process Development of more flowering points Abundant buds Increased resin production Improved flower compactness, flavor, and aroma
Additional Biomolecules Not specified Fucoidan and Alginates (Biomol-S)

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Melissa Randalls
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