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Celebrate 7/10 with These Top Electric Dabbing Devices

Key Takeaways:

  • 7/10, also known as “Oil Day” or “Dab Day,” is a holiday for cannabis concentrate enthusiasts.
  • Electric dabbing devices offer convenience, safety, and optimal flavor and vapor production.
  • Some of the best electric dabbing devices on the market include the Ispire Daab E-Rig, DaVinci ARTIQ Cartridge Vaporizer, Dr Dabber Switch, Puffco Peak Pro, and Hitoki Trident.

In the cannabis community, July 10th, or 7/10, has emerged as a special day dedicated to celebrating cannabis concentrates. Much like the renowned 4/20, which celebrates all things cannabis, 7/10, also known as “Oil Day” or “Dab Day,” offers enthusiasts an opportunity to appreciate the world of cannabis concentrates.

The date itself, 7/10, cleverly resembles the word “OIL” when flipped upside down. This clever twist has turned July 10th into a global celebration for cannabis concentrate lovers. On this day, many dabbing enthusiasts seize the opportunity to explore different types of concentrates, try new flavors, and experiment with various extraction techniques. It’s a chance to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship behind creating these potent and flavorful cannabis concentrates, such as shatter, wax, budder, and live resin.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable dabbing experience, it is crucial to choose a reputable dab rig or device. Opting for a reputable brand or manufacturer guarantees superior performance, preserving the value of your concentrates, and optimal flavor and vapor production.

If you’re looking to enhance your dabbing experience, here are five of the best electric dabbing devices available on the market, offering convenience, safety, and exceptional performance:

7/10 electric dabbing devices Ispire Daab E-Rig
POTO Ispire

The Ispire Daab E-Rig

The Ispire Daab E-Rig is a stylish, user-friendly device that combines exceptional vapor quality with convenience. Designed like a traditional dab rig, it includes a water chamber, mouthpiece, and carb cap, providing a seamless dabbing experience. Its compact size, standing at less than ten inches tall, makes it highly portable and perfect for on-the-go use. Additionally, the detachable components make cleaning effortless, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Davinci Artiq

DaVinci ARTIQ Cartridge Vaporizer

Although not technically an e-rig, the DaVinci ARTIQ Cartridge Vaporizer is a discreet and versatile option. It seamlessly blends style and functionality, catering to your preferred vape carts. The ARTIQ’s cutting-edge ultra-cooling technology reduces vapor heat by 90%, offering significantly cooler vapor than other 510 devices. With four heat modes and haptic feedback, you can customize your vaping experience and enjoy consistently satisfying hits.

7/10 electric dabbing devices Dr Dabber Switch
PHOTO Dr Dabber

Dr Dabber Switch

The Dr Dabber Switch stands out with its adaptability, allowing you to switch between dry herbs and concentrates effortlessly. It offers an impressive range of 25 heat settings, granting you full control over the temperature. Whether you prefer subtle flavors or robust vapor production, the Switch caters to your preferences. Its cutting-edge induction heating technology ensures rapid heating in just seconds, eliminating any waiting time. The powerful battery provides up to 150 uses on low heat, and pass-through charging allows uninterrupted sessions while charging.

7/10 electric dabbing devices Puffco Peak Pro
PHOTO Puffco

Puffco Peak Pro

The Puffco Peak Pro is an upgraded version of the game-changing Peak, featuring improved design and compatibility with custom glass from the original Peak. The Peak Pro utilizes innovative technology to heat concentrates from the sides, preserving the terpenes and cannabinoids. With real-time temperature control and a joystick cap for improved airflow, the Peak Pro guarantees a consistent and satisfying vaping experience. The Puffco Connect app allows for personalized heat and light profiles, session tracking, and device management.

Hitoki Trident
PHOTO Hitoki

Hitoki Trident

The Hitoki Trident offers a unique smoking experience by combining tradition with modern laser-powered combustion technology. Its sleek design and patent-pending laser system create a visually stunning smoking ritual. Operating the Trident is simple with its user-friendly one-button function and LED feedback, offering three power levels for different blends. The powerful battery ensures over 280 ignitions on a single charge, ensuring long-lasting usage.


Q1: What is 7/10, and why is it celebrated?

7/10, or “Oil Day” or “Dab Day,” is a holiday celebrated by cannabis concentrate enthusiasts worldwide. It offers an opportunity to appreciate the world of cannabis concentrates, experiment with different types, and explore extraction techniques.

Q2: Why are electric dabbing devices recommended?

Electric dabbing devices provide convenience, safety, and optimal flavor and vapor production. They offer precise temperature control, reliable performance, and preservation of the value of your concentrates.

Q3: Are these electric dabbing devices suitable for beginners?

Yes, many of these devices are designed with user-friendliness in mind. They offer features like detachable components for easy cleaning, precise temperature control, and customizable settings, making them suitable for beginners and experienced dabbers alike.

Celebrating 7/10 allows cannabis concentrate enthusiasts to delve into the world of extracts, appreciating the craftsmanship behind creating potent and flavorful concentrates. By choosing the right electric dabbing device, such as the Ispire Daab E-Rig, DaVinci ARTIQ Cartridge Vaporizer, Dr Dabber Switch, Puffco Peak Pro, or Hitoki Trident, enthusiasts can elevate their dabbing experience with convenience, safety, and optimal flavor and vapor production.

Dr. Jen Chalmers
Dr. Jen Chalmers
Dr. Jen Chalmers is an accomplished writer and cannabis enthusiast. With a Ph.D. in Botany and years of experience as a researcher, she brings a scientific perspective to her captivating articles on cannabis news, recipes, and the fascinating world of psychedelics.

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