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Commercial Greenhouses for Controlled Environment Agriculture

Here, we’ll discuss the greenhouse essentials to create a sustainable controlled environment greenhouse.

Controlled environment agriculture (otherwise known as CEA) combines engineering, plant science, and computer-managed greenhouse control technologies to optimize plant growing systems, plant quality, and production efficiency. These technologies enable sustainable agricultural practices by reducing electricity and water usage and feeding the ever-growing population without infringing upon the land. The horticultural industry is well aware to realize CEA’s long-term growth potential, many cultivators seek to equip their operations with quality greenhouse structures and equipment for environmental controls.

Structure Design

Through controlled environment agriculture, growers will create an enclosed structure to mimic the natural conditions of the ideal climate for the crop you are growing. Since this structure can grow year-round, you need to build a stable structure that can withstand the elements to give your crops the ultimate boost and help them grow for years to come.

Whether you manage many varied crops with an eye on expansion or simply looking to get the most from a more controlled operation, GGS greenhouse design experts work with your needs uppermost in mind. Our greenhouse buildings range from expansive, large-scale greenhouses that support automation and variable environments to cost-efficient structures (cold frames and high tunnels) with low maintenance and modular design.

Environmental Control Technology

Managing all of the environmental factors in a commercial greenhouse is a lot to take care of when you’re trying to continuously grow high quality crops. This is why more growers are choosing an integrated environmental computer system that controls all of their environmental factors cohesively. An integrated system eases a lot of the burden and challenges growers face trying to manage all of these factors by keeping your system attuned to the needs of your crop without the need for constant monitoring and adjustment. A fully integrated system will help to build consistent and predictable cycles that will maintain an ideal growing environment.

Want tips for getting the most out of your integrated greenhouse control system?

Learn More: https://ggs-greenhouse.com/blog/6-tips-for-getting-the-most-out-of-your-integrated-environmental-control-system

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems are necessary to maintain an optimal growing environment and improve overall greenhouse efficiency in both single-tiered and vertical farming operations. A robust ventilation system will positively influence temperature, humidity, and CO2 management. Poor air circulation in your greenhouse can reduce plant activity and lead to problems with pests and diseases. Poor air circulation reduces plant activity and can lead to problems with humidity and disease management.

For the most experienced team in controlled environment ventilation systems, contact GGS: We have provided excellent airflow to growers worldwide for over 40 years. For the first stage, cooling tries a GGS-designed continuous vent system in the peaks or in the catwalks. The GGS roll-up sides are also economical for increased ventilation in any greenhouse and can be operated with automatic motors, manual gear openers, or simple hand cranks.

Greenhouse Insect Netting Screens

Insect Netting can be a practical part of any greenhouse IPM program, keeping biologicals inside the greenhouse where they are doing your crop good and keeping unwanted pests out. Insect Netting on sidewalls and lean-to structures should include area calculations to ensure proper airflow and can be retrofitted onto existing greenhouses and new greenhouse installations. GGS greenhouse insect screens are designed for ease of installation and are easily maintained. Special accordion screens are fitted to roof vents, gutter vents, and ridge vents. Note: all ventilation sizing and design must take into account airflow restriction of insect screens. 

Heating Systems

Plants need water, sunlight, and fertile soil to grow, but they also need a flexible system that can adjust to the ideal temperature conditions for each stage of the crops life cycle. With the right commercial greenhouse heating solutions from Niagrow – GGS Structures Inc. you can maximize growth and ensure strong and healthy crops throughout the year. GGS will also design the heating system to provide an ideal environment for plants and employees based also on the specific greenhouse location and climate conditions.

GGS heating options for your greenhouse include:

●                   Biomass

●                   Forcas Pipe

●                   In-Floor Heating

●                   Overhead Heating

●                   Expansion Systems

●                   + More!

Greenhouse Curtain Systems

Greenhouse curtains can provide shading, energy savings, or light deprivation and improve the greenhouse environment. These benefits working together can increase the sustainability of your greenhouse operation and are equipped with unique benefits to accomplishing specific crop goals. After installing a greenhouse curtain system, growers can automatically open and close curtains to adjust for the desired light levels, add Blackout Screens for daylight control and additional energy savings, and automatically open and close curtains to keep the temperature consistent.

GGS greenhouse curtains are low maintenance and easy to install on flat truss systems or peaked arches, as well as single, double, and triple curtains available to satisfy every grower.

Greenhouse Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of any controlled environment agriculture setup. Energy costs are typically the number two expense for growers, and grow lights can be a significant portion of this cost. It’s vital to weigh the initial upfront investment against the potential payback. GGS is partnered with a range of industry-leading lighting suppliers with different products tailored to your needs. Some of the industries most popular lighting system choices include HPS and LED grow lights.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve the best lighting system for your commercial greenhouse.

Greenhouse Fans

Greenhouse fans work hand-in-hand with your ventilation system, providing an optimal boost that helps protect your crops from plant-killing diseases and pests. This is because greenhouse fans improve airflow, will help mitigate and control humidity in your greenhouse, and should be an essential part of your IPM (integrated pest management) program.

Greenhouse Dehumidifier

Along with proper ventilation and heating systems, a greenhouse dehumidifier for your indoor garden might be necessary to maintain consistent humidity levels, especially in an environment with regular temperature changes.

Ideal for various crops from fruits and vegetables, herbs, flowers to cannabis, dehumidifiers from GGS works by taking humid air and condensing the water from the air up to 12 gallons per hour, then returning dry air back into the closed growing facility in a uniform circulation. This creates an optimal homogeneous climate environment and allows for optimal plant growth.

Greenhouse Irrigation

An irrigation strategy is an essential part of a CEA environment. At GGS, we offer a range of irrigation systems that can be tailored to suit your needs. All GGS systems are professionally designed and proven in the field.

GGS: Commercial Greenhouse Structures & Design Built to Last

Our structures provide you with successful crops, unmatched strength, and peace of mind. GGS has been a world-class designer, manufacturer, and installer of commercial greenhouse structures since 1979, and our greenhouses are built to last. GGS provides complete turnkey solutions for controlled environment agriculture.

Here are the ways GGS can design, manufacture, and install a suitable commercial greenhouse for you:

●                   Commercial Greenhouse Design

●                   Industrial Greenhouse Manufacturing

●                   Commercial Greenhouse Construction

●                   Our Grower Team


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