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Delicious Fourth of July Recipes with a Twist of Cannabis

What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with an all-American barbecue? And if you’re grilling, why not add some cannabis to the mix? Cannabis-infused dishes and drinks can add an extra spark to your Independence Day festivities. From infused seltzers and ciders to tasty snacks and main courses, there’s a cannabis infusion option for every course of your barbecue. In this guide, we’ll explore some delicious recipes and pre-made edibles and drinkables that will make your Fourth of July extra special.

Dank Drinks

While beer may be the go-to drink for many, there are now plenty of cannabis-infused beverage options to choose from. Brands like Cann, Happi, Wynk, and Ayrloom offer refreshing cannabis-infused seltzers in canned form. Lagunitas Hi-Fi provides a hoppy alternative for beer lovers, while Malus offers live resin-infused cider with a bold, juicy flavor. For cocktail enthusiasts, Fable’s ready-to-drink options like Klaus and MXXN provide a range of tasty choices. If you’re not in a legal state, you can still enjoy Fourth of July drinks by using hemp-derived THC drinks or homemade cannabis tinctures.

Snacks and Apps

No barbecue is complete without a table full of savory snacks. You can find pre-made infused snacks like Tsumo chips or Tempo crackers for easy and hassle-free options. If you prefer making your own, infusing your favorite chips with cannabis oil is a simple process. Just toss the chips in infused oil and bake at a low temperature. Infused oils can also elevate your barbecue basics like pasta salad or potato salads, providing an easy and delicious way to incorporate cannabis into your appetizers.

Mains and Meats

While snacks and drinks are great, people also want something substantial to eat. Condiments like ketchup and sauces are perfect for adding a little infusion power to your main meals. You can find pre-packaged infused ketchup and sauces, or you can make your own infused ground mustard or mayonnaise at home. Infused spices like pepper and salt can also be used to make delicious meat rubs. Just be careful not to overcook and denature the cannabinoids. Alternatively, you can try slow and low smoking techniques to infuse flavor into your meats.

Remember to always practice safe hosting by letting your guests know which foods and drinks are infused and what the dose is. With these tasty cannabis-infused recipes, you’re sure to have a happy and high Fourth of July!

Fourth of July Recipes

Stoned Ground Mustard Fourth of July recipes
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Stoned Ground Mustard


6 T brown mustard seeds

½ cup water

1 ½ tablespoons white vinegar

½ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon turmeric

2 T sugar

1 tablespoon infused olive oil/tincture of your choice


  • Crush mustard seeds using a mortar and pestle.
  • Slowly add water as you grind.
  • Grind until water is fully absorbed into the seed mixture.
  • Add vinegar, salt, sugar, turmeric, and infused oil or tincture while grinding.
  • Store in a glass jar and refrigerate overnight before serving.
Magic Mayo Fourth of July recipes

Magic Mayo


1 large room-temperature egg

Juice from ½ lemon

1 tablespoon white vinegar

1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

1 cup infused oil


  • In a food processor, pulse the egg for 10-20 seconds.
  • Add mustard, vinegar, and salt, and pulse until combined.
  • Scrape the sides of the food processor bowl and turn the mixing setting to low.
  • Slowly add the infused oil, ensuring it is fully emulsified by keeping the food processor on low.
  • Turn off the processor and use a spatula to scrape the sides.
  • Stir slowly.
  • Chill and serve.


Can I use any type of cannabis oil for these recipes?

Yes, you can use any type of cannabis oil or tincture of your choice. Just make sure to measure the dosage correctly to ensure the desired potency.

Are these recipes legal in all states?

The legality of cannabis-infused recipes depends on the state you are in. Make sure to familiarize yourself with your state’s laws and regulations regarding cannabis consumption and cooking.

Can I substitute the infused oil with another ingredient?

Yes, if you prefer not to use infused oil, you can substitute it with regular oil or another ingredient of your choice. Just keep in mind that the cannabis infusion may not be present in the final dish.

How long do the infused drinks and snacks last?

The infused drinks and snacks can last for several months if stored properly in a cool, dry place. Make sure to check the expiration date on any pre-made infused products.

Dr. Jen Chalmers
Dr. Jen Chalmers
Dr. Jen Chalmers is an accomplished writer and cannabis enthusiast. With a Ph.D. in Botany and years of experience as a researcher, she brings a scientific perspective to her captivating articles on cannabis news, recipes, and the fascinating world of psychedelics.

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