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Discovering the Origins of the Gelato Weed Strain and the Best Variations to Try

Are you familiar with the history of the Gelato weed strain? If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Gelato. In recent years, Gelato has become one of the most popular varieties on the market today, revolutionizing the cannabis scene. Known for its creamy sweet flavor and non-drowsy effects, Gelato 33, in particular, has gained a significant following. But where did Gelato come from, and how did it rise to dominate the marijuana market worldwide?

The History of the Gelato Weed Strain – Who Created Gelato 33?

  • Gelato has been around since 2014, but its popularity soared in the past five years, making it a well-known strain globally.
  • The Gelato weed strain history can be attributed to the breeders associated with the Cookie Family collective based in California.
  • The most renowned creator is Mr. Sherbinski, also known as Mario Guzman, who previously developed Sunset Sherbert and adopted the ‘Sherbinski’ street name.
  • Some accounts of Gelato weed strain history also credit Jigga, the notorious breeder from Cookies, for contributing to the creation of the Gelato strain.

Mr Sherbinski in the world cannabis conference 2023
Gelato weed strain history – Mr Sherbinski

The Gelato’s success can be attributed to its label as ‘designer cannabis’ and its association with rap and dance music lyrics. Gelato has been mentioned in popular songs by artists like Calvin Harris, Aminé, Young Dolph, Asian Doll, and Gucci Mane.

Sherbinski described his approach to cannabis as similar to designers using materials for clothing. This concept led to the opening of the Sherbinskis store in Los Angeles in 2019, fusing weed, accessories, and the hip hop culture.

What are the Gelato Genetics?

Gelato is a potent marijuana strain resulting from crossing Sunset Sherbet with a phenotype of Thin Mint Cookies.

It gained the nickname ‘dessert strain’ due to its candy-like sweetness and visually appealing appearance. Gelato 33, Gelato 25, and Gelato 42 are some of the popular Gelato phenotypes.

The Gelato genetics have been embraced by numerous cannabis breeders, resulting in several derivatives. Paradise Seeds, for example, developed Gelato-based strains that maintain the best qualities of the original while improving others like resin production, resistance, flower size, and yields.

Paradise Seeds Gelato Strains to Try:

Gelato weed strain history

Gelato for Higher THC Levels

Sunset Paradise strain logoSunset Paradise (Gelato)

Paradise Seeds introduced a twist on Gelato genetics by enhancing its yield capability and stability through Dutch engineering. Sunset Paradise maintains the original’s sweet citrus, lavender, and berry notes, accompanied by a long-lasting euphoric wave and happy relaxation. With THC levels of 24%+, Sunset Paradise is an award-winning strain that displays impressive colors during cultivation and produces larger flowers compared to the original Gelato.

Gelato Crossed with Dutch Genetics

Caramba cannabis strain logo

Caramba (Wappa x Gelato 33)

Caramba combines Gelato’s sweetness and uplifting effect with the stability and high yields of a Dutch heavyweight strain called Wappa. The result is a plant that exhibits the best qualities of both parents. With THC levels of 24%+, Caramba is perfect for those seeking an uplifting, sociable high with sweet skunky undertones.

Indica-Leaning Gelato 33 Hybrid

Glowstarz weed strain logo

Glowstarz (San Fernando Valley Kush x Gelato 33)

Glowstarz combines two popular Californian strains, resulting in a plant known for its luminous trichome trail. The plant is described as ‘fun’ due to its robust growth and uplifting cerebral effects accompanied by a warm body glow. With sweet and minty flavors and THC levels of 22%, Glowstarz is an exciting choice for cannabis enthusiasts.

Purple Exotic Gelato 33 Cross with Bigger Yields

Gulupa cannabis strain logo

Gulupa (Purple Kush x Gelato 33)

Gulupa is an exotic strain known for its intense purple coloring and complex terpene profile. While it maintains Gelato’s sweetness and hashy base, its flavor profile offers layers of passion fruit, citrus, berries, and hints of spice and mint. Growers will also appreciate Gulupa’s larger buds, especially when compared to its lower-yielding parent strains.


The Gelato 33 strain has achieved celebrity status and has made its mark not only in the world of cannabis cultivation but also in popular culture. Its association with music, rap, and designer brands has cemented its position as a cultural icon. But perhaps the most enticing aspect of Gelato is its delicious taste and undeniable appeal.


1. What is Gelato weed?

Gelato weed, also known as Gelato 33, is a popular strain known for its creamy sweet flavor and euphoric yet non-drowsy effects. It is an indica-dominant hybrid that has gained immense popularity in recent years.

2. Who created Gelato 33?

The Gelato strain history can be traced back to the breeders associated with the Cookie Family collective based in California. The most renowned creator is Mr. Sherbinski, also known as Mario Guzman, who played a significant role in its development.

3. What are the Gelato genetics?

Gelato is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and a phenotype of Thin Mint Cookies. It is known for its original taste, visually appealing buds, and its narcotic effects without causing couch-lock.

4. Are there any variations of Gelato strains to try?

Yes, there are several variations of Gelato strains available. Some notable options include:
– Sunset Paradise (Gelato): It is a modified version of Gelato with enhanced yield capability and stability.
– Caramba (Wappa x Gelato 33): This strain combines Gelato’s sweetness and uplifting effects with the stability and high yields of Wappa.
– Glowstarz (San Fernando Valley Kush x Gelato 33): It is a fun and uplifting strain with sweet and minty flavors.
– Gulupa (Purple Kush x Gelato 33): This exotic strain features intense purple coloring and a complex terpene profile.

5. What makes Gelato 33 special?

Gelato 33’s special attributes lie in its delicious taste, powerful effects, and its influence on popular culture. It has become synonymous with designer cannabis and has been referenced in numerous music lyrics, further elevating its status.

Dr. Jen Chalmers
Dr. Jen Chalmers
Dr. Jen Chalmers is an accomplished writer and cannabis enthusiast. With a Ph.D. in Botany and years of experience as a researcher, she brings a scientific perspective to her captivating articles on cannabis news, recipes, and the fascinating world of psychedelics.

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