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Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis in Texas

1. Is recreational weed legal in Texas?

No, recreational weed is not legal in Texas.

2. Can I get a medical marijuana card in Texas?

Yes, some forms of medicinal marijuana have been legalized in Texas, and you can obtain a medical marijuana card to access these products.

3. What conditions qualify for medical marijuana use in Texas?

Conditions that qualify for medical marijuana use in Texas include epilepsy, seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis, spasticity, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, autism, terminal cancer, incurable neurodegenerative disease, cancer, neuropathy, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

4. How do I get a medical marijuana prescription in Texas?

To obtain a medical marijuana prescription in Texas, you need to find a physician who is a member of the Compassionate Use Program. The physician will enter the prescription into the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT), and then you can visit any licensed dispensary to purchase the prescribed cannabis products.

5. How much THC is allowed in medical marijuana products in Texas?

Medical marijuana products in Texas are limited to containing no more than 0.5% THC by weight.

6. Is delta-8 THC legal in Texas?

Delta-8 THC is in a legal gray area in Texas. It was briefly added to the controlled substances list in 2021, but a judge’s injunction has kept it legal for now.

7. Are there any pending laws in Texas that could change marijuana’s legal status?

There are currently pending laws, such as House Bill 218, that could potentially decriminalize possession of up to one ounce of marijuana in Texas.

8. Can Texans purchase recreational cannabis in neighboring states?

Texans can legally purchase recreational cannabis in neighboring states where it is legal, such as New Mexico. However, it is important to note that transporting cannabis back into Texas is still illegal.

9. Are there any cities in Texas that have decriminalized cannabis?

Yes, some cities in Texas, including Austin, Dallas, Harris County, Bexar County, El Paso County, Travis County, and Plano, have decriminalized cannabis by implementing cite-and-release policies for small amounts of marijuana.

10. How can I find a medical marijuana dispensary in Texas?

You can find a list of all licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in Texas by visiting our website and searching for dispensaries in your area.

Dr. Jen Chalmers
Dr. Jen Chalmers
Dr. Jen Chalmers is an accomplished writer and cannabis enthusiast. With a Ph.D. in Botany and years of experience as a researcher, she brings a scientific perspective to her captivating articles on cannabis news, recipes, and the fascinating world of psychedelics.

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