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How Lengthy Does a Hashish Excessive Final? Vaping, Dabbing, & Extra

How lengthy will an individual really feel intoxicated after consuming hashish? When you’re baffled by the huge vary of solutions to this query swirling across the web, you’re not alone.

Totally different sources declare THC highs will final anyplace from Half-hour to 24 hours—and none of them are essentially unsuitable. Hashish-induced highs depend upon plenty of elements, from the consumer’s biology and expertise with cannabinoids (the lively compounds in hashish) to the sort, high quality, and profile of the hashish product.

Nonetheless, rising analysis and a long time of non-public stories have given us a basic thought of how sure hashish consumption strategies will influence the consumer. On this information, we’ll break down hashish intoxication to present you a greater thought of what you’re in for. In spite of everything, peace of thoughts is essential for a cushty hashish expertise.

Strategies of Consumption and How Lengthy the Excessive Lasts

The size of time you’ll really feel the results of hashish after consuming it’s totally dependent in your consumption technique. Smoking hashish flower has historically been the commonest technique of consumption, however many others—similar to dabbing wax, vaping oil, and consuming infused edibles—have grabbed the eye of shoppers over the past decade. Every of those strategies presents a unique onset, depth, and size of excessive.

In 2021, College of Sydney researchers printed probably the most insightful research on this matter. By meta-analyzing 80 research on hashish’ cognitive influence carried out between 2000 and 2020, the staff narrowed down the window of hashish impairment to 3-10 hours, including {that a} “more typical duration of impairment” is 4 hours. You possibly can learn the complete overview, printed in Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Evaluations, right here.

Along with the dose and supply technique of THC, the researchers confirmed that customers’ frequency of use and ensuing tolerance to hashish tremendously have an effect on intoxication degree and size. For the research, they outlined a reasonable dose of THC as 10 milligrams—assume one typical THC gummy—however famous that this dose would solely produce delicate results in common customers. As a result of common customers can deal with THC higher, they have been discovered to be much less cognitively impaired by it than occasional customers.

The onset of results and period of time you’ll really feel excessive from a hashish product depend upon how the physique processes the THC. Let’s discover what this appears like with every form of consumption technique.


There are lots of methods to smoke weed. When THC is inhaled, it’s shortly and instantly absorbed into the bloodstream by way of the lungs, peaking inside 3-10 minutes. That’s why smoking has one of many quickest onsets, that means you’ll really feel the results pretty shortly.

After smoking hashish flower, you’ll be able to count on to begin feeling the THC in about 2-10 minutes. Flower highs really feel essentially the most intense in the beginning and begin to fade about Half-hour to an hour in for many customers. Relying on how a lot you smoked, the excessive will altogether final 1-3 hours. For a brand new client, although, it’s essential to level out that whereas the true excessive will solely final a number of hours, hint results (similar to lethargy) could linger for longer.


Vaping flower is believed to final an identical size of time to smoking. It really works in the identical method: when the hashish vapor is inhaled, it’s absorbed into the bloodstream by way of the lungs, peaking inside 3-10 minutes. Thus, the excessive ought to equally final anyplace from 1-3 hours.

Dabbing and Vaping Concentrates

A well-liked consumption technique amongst seasoned hashish customers is dabbing hashish concentrates with a dab rig or dab/wax pen, which creates one of many strongest hashish highs. Concentrates may also be vaporized utilizing a vape pen; this technique is far more light than dabbing, making it in style amongst newer customers. As a result of each of those contain inhalation, the best way your physique processes the THC is identical as with smoking or vaping flower.

As a result of excessive THC content material in concentrates in comparison with flower, the results from dabbing or vaping concentrates kick in nearly immediately. From there, nonetheless, the excessive is similar to that of smoked or vaped flower, hitting hardest in the beginning after which slowly truly fizzling out. When you simply took a few hits utilizing a vape pen, you’ll possible solely really feel a modest excessive for Half-hour to an hour.

Dabbing is a a lot completely different story. As a result of concentrates which are dabbed (e.g., wax, shatter) can have upwards of 80% THC, it’s very simple to eat plenty of THC in a brief interval when dabbing. An skilled consumer may really feel results for 1-3 hours, however a beginner could possibly be very excessive for a lot of extra hours relying on the dose. Because of this, those that are unfamiliar with dabbing ought to method it with warning. Learn our dabbing suggestions for more information on safely and successfully dab hashish concentrates.


Hashish-infused edibles vary from baked items to candies to tablets and capsules, and the expertise provided by these merchandise is wildly completely different from that of smoking, vaping, or dabbing.

When THC is consumed orally, it needs to be digested and processed by the liver earlier than it enters the bloodstream and produces a excessive. The time this takes varies extensively; your weight, metabolism, age, organic gender, and up to date weight loss program all play a job. THC ranges peak within the blood roughly 2-4 hours after consuming an edible, which is why edible highs generally is a rollercoaster.

A hashish edible will typically hit between Half-hour and a couple of hours after it’s eaten (most customers will begin to really feel results in the course of that vary), and it’s essential to attend that interval out earlier than taking extra. Not like inhalation highs that hit quick and exhausting, edible highs construct up. Whilst you may begin to really feel the THC 45 minutes in, the height of the excessive could possibly be hours forward. Including to the depth of an edible excessive is the truth that the liver turns half the THC into 11-OH-THC, a compound considered 4 occasions stronger.

In sum, edible highs are the least predictable of any type of hashish for quite a lot of causes. The results of edibles will be felt for 2-10 hours, typically hitting in waves, and really excessive doses might doubtlessly linger for as much as 24 hours. When you’re new to edibles, it’s best to begin with 5-10 milligrams of THC and plan to be unavailable for the remainder of the day.

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Sublingual Tinctures

Tinctures fall someplace in between inhalation and oral consumption. These liquids, that are normally alcohol- or oil-based, are administered sublingually (i.e., below the tongue) in order that the THC shortly enters the bloodstream by way of the mouth’s mucous membranes. After the tincture is held below the tongue for 30-60 seconds, it’s then swallowed. This twin supply of THC is what makes sublingual tinctures a singular case on the subject of the size of results.

If correctly held below the tongue, hashish tincture ought to create some results in 15-Half-hour. A few of the THC within the tincture is digested after being swallowed, nonetheless, and that THC won’t be felt till it’s processed by the liver (identical to with edibles). Tincture highs construct up equally to edible highs and may final simply as lengthy.

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Elements Affecting Excessive Length

Hashish highs are primarily brought on by tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), essentially the most considerable and psychotropic cannabinoid in sort I chemovar vegetation. This excessive, together with the entire different results we get from hashish, is feasible due to an inner suggestions community all of us have referred to as the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

After we eat THC, it interacts with cannabinoid (CB) receptors in our physique to create euphoric sensations, relieve ache, increase urge for food, and supply many different well being results. It ought to be famous, although, that THC highs can differ relying on the quantity, product sort and pressure, and different compounds consumed (study in regards to the entourage impact right here).

Why You Ought to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

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Nonetheless, although this course of works equally in most individuals, there are a selection of things affecting how lengthy your excessive lasts, together with:

Tolerance and Frequency of Use

With frequent use, the physique builds up a tolerance to cannabinoids. Over time, the identical quantity of hashish could produce diminished results. As tolerance will increase, people could must eat bigger doses or higher-potency merchandise to attain the specified degree of intoxication — or try to decrease their tolerance by way of T-Breaks.

Whereas tolerance primarily impacts the depth of the excessive, the period of the excessive itself is usually much less influenced. As soon as hashish enters the bloodstream, its results usually final anyplace 1-3 hours, no matter tolerance.

Dosage and Efficiency

The quantity of hashish consumed instantly impacts the period and depth of the excessive. Increased doses usually lead to extra pronounced results and an extended period of intoxication.

With larger doses, cannabinoids similar to THC or CBD flood the physique’s endocannabinoid system, resulting in stronger and longer-lasting results. Nonetheless, there’s a threshold past which rising the dosage could not considerably extend the period of the excessive, because the physique can solely metabolize cannabinoids to a sure extent.

Equally, efficiency may also have an effect on the period of your excessive. Efficiency refers back to the focus of cannabinoids, significantly THC, within the hashish product. Increased efficiency merchandise include extra cannabinoids per unit of weight. Hashish strains with larger THC content material have a tendency to supply extra intense and longer-lasting highs in comparison with strains with decrease THC ranges or larger CBD ranges.

Methodology of Consumption

As famous above, your chosen technique of consumption may also influence the period of your excessive. Inhalation strategies, similar to smoking or vaping, usually lead to a quicker onset of results however a shorter period in comparison with consuming edibles.

Edibles take longer to kick in as a result of the cannabinoids should first go by way of the digestive system earlier than getting into the bloodstream. Nonetheless, as soon as absorbed, the results of edibles can final for much longer, usually a number of hours or extra, in comparison with inhalation strategies.

Pressure Sort

Totally different strains may additionally influence how lengthy a excessive lasts. Every pressure has a singular focus of THC and CBD, in addition to distinctive terpene profiles.

Strains with larger THC content material have a tendency to supply extra intense and longer-lasting highs in comparison with strains with decrease THC ranges. Thus, larger THC ranges can lengthen the period of the excessive, particularly when consumed in bigger portions or with larger efficiency merchandise.

Then again, strains with larger CBD content material could produce a much less intense excessive and doubtlessly a shorter period in comparison with strains with minimal CBD and better THC content material.

Moreover, completely different terpenes can affect the period and high quality of the excessive. For instance, myrcene, generally present in indica strains, is believed to have sedative results and will contribute to a longer-lasting excessive characterised by rest and sedation. Conversely, strains excessive in limonene, a citrus-scented terpene, could produce a extra uplifting and energetic excessive, doubtlessly with a shorter period.

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How To Deal With A Unhealthy Excessive

Maybe you’re studying this text since you’re experiencing a distressing hashish excessive and need it to be over…now.

Whereas the side-effect paranoia that may come up from taking in an excessive amount of THC usually feels very actual and scary, know that hashish by itself won’t fatally hurt you. Hashish creator David Schmader wrote, “Even aspirin can kill you if you take too much, but a fatal dose of marijuana would require ingestion of fifteen hundred pounds in fifteen minutes—a physical impossibility for any human, even Snoop Dogg.”

Nonetheless, feeling too excessive isn’t enjoyable—we’ve all been there. The hashish neighborhood has put collectively a listing of tips over time for relieving this very drawback, together with consuming a snack, chewing on black peppercorns, taking CBD, and speaking to a pal. For extra data on these and different methods of counteracting THC, check out these articles:

Last Takeaway

It’s getting simpler to foretell what the varied sorts of THC highs really feel like because of rising analysis, however the actuality is that each client’s expertise with THC might be completely different. The size and depth of your excessive will finally be based mostly in your tolerance to THC, the quantity of THC you eat, and the strategy of consumption you select (e.g., dabbing, edibles). What rocks one individual’s world for hours could solely produce delicate results in another person—and even none in any respect.

As a very good rule of thumb, be certain that to clear your schedule for the remainder of the day should you’re planning on attempting a brand new consumption technique (or are new to hashish altogether). It will aid you keep away from any points if the excessive lasts a bit longer than anticipated. When you’d like extra pointers, e book a session with considered one of Veriheal’s hashish coaches for a personalised deep dive into hashish use.

Often Requested Questions

How lengthy do cannabinoids keep within the system?

Cannabinoids can keep in your system anyplace from 24 hours to 90 days, relying on the strategy of testing. The next are estimated detection home windows:

  • Urine: as much as 3 days (as much as 6 weeks or extra in heavy customers)
  • Blood: as much as 7 days
  • Hair: as much as 90 days
  • Saliva: as much as 24 hours

Are you able to cease being excessive quicker?

To counteract the results of your excessive, attempt consuming one thing with peppercorn in it or ingesting extra CBD. Each of those strategies could assist to calm the nervousness chances are you’ll really feel from being too excessive.

Are you able to keep excessive for longer?

Whereas scientific proof is considerably missing on this space, specialists and shoppers have found a complete host of meals and drinks which are thought to increase your excessive; mangoes, nuts, espresso, and kombucha are amongst them.

When is it protected to drive after consuming hashish?

To make sure most security, it’s best to wait about 4-5 hours to drive after inhaling THC and doubtless a number of hours longer after taking an edible. Primarily based on one research’s findings, most driving-related expertise are recovered inside 5 hours of inhaling 20 milligrams of THC. When consumed orally (i.e., in an edible), although, the identical quantity of THC impairs driving for about 8 hours.

This text was initially printed in July 2022 and most lately up to date in Could 2024.

Dr. Jen Chalmers
Dr. Jen Chalmers
Dr. Jen Chalmers is an accomplished writer and cannabis enthusiast. With a Ph.D. in Botany and years of experience as a researcher, she brings a scientific perspective to her captivating articles on cannabis news, recipes, and the fascinating world of psychedelics.

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