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MFUSED: The Leading THC Vape Cart Brand in Washington State

The story of MFUSED began in 2009 when a group of pioneers from the West Coast came together to develop and refine cutting-edge cannabis extraction methods. Initially, MFUSED focused on creating high-CBD extracts for medical patients. However, their journey led them to release the first pure, uncut cannabis oil cartridge and the first 1:1 High CBD cartridge in Washington state. With their low-impact refinement process, MFUSED has set the standard in the extraction industry.


Embracing Cannabis Culture

“We are guided by the therapeutic power of plants, the free-thinking spirit of the people, and a commitment to innovative quality improvement.”
– Grizz, MFUSED

The quality of MFUSED’s products is a direct reflection of their mission to honor the therapeutic power and free spirit of cannabis. This dedication has been evident since their inception in the medicinal market, where they reject adulterants and ineffective products. By combining this culture with advanced extraction research and development, MFUSED has become synonymous with incredible quality and reliability. Additionally, in line with their mission, MFUSED donates 5% of their revenue to charity each year.


Expert Extraction for Authentic Flavors

Unlike many other brands, MFUSED never adds artificial terpenes to their products. While artificial terpenes may be cheaper, they mask the natural flavor of cannabis. MFUSED has spent years developing a proprietary extraction process that maximizes the retention of cannabis terpenes. Each cartridge is then crafted with terpenes from a single strain, perfectly capturing the flavor profile that one would experience when smoking that strain in its flower form.


Discover Full Spectrum Effects with MFUSED’s CO2 Vapor Oil

MFUSED’s flagship vapor oil offers a whole plant profile, maximizing the retention of cannabinoids and terpenes. By utilizing their state-of-the-art “Supercritical CO2 Extraction” technology, they are able to appreciate the entire plant in the most organic and minimally impactful way. The result is a clean, flavorful taste and a well-rounded high that accurately represents the natural effects of each strain.


Experience High Potency with THC Distillate Vapor

For those seeking a more potent experience, MFUSED offers THC Distillate vapor oil. This highly purified concentrate delivers an instant, powerful effect. With a high percentage of THC and a superior flavor profile, their exclusive distillation process retains the natural full plant profile, including flavor and fragrance. Natural strain-specific terpenes are then reintroduced after distillation, resulting in a superior taste and an immediate peak high.

Regardless of the type of MFUSED cart you choose at Have a Heart, you can expect an exceptionally pure and effective cannabis vaping experience.

Dr. Jen Chalmers
Dr. Jen Chalmers
Dr. Jen Chalmers is an accomplished writer and cannabis enthusiast. With a Ph.D. in Botany and years of experience as a researcher, she brings a scientific perspective to her captivating articles on cannabis news, recipes, and the fascinating world of psychedelics.

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