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Mule Fuel FADE Cannabis – Maryland Cannabis Reviews


buds of mule fuel next to cannabis leaf on white backgroundOnce in awhile a new strain will poke through the malaise of a greyed out landscape filled with endless Runtz and Cookies genetics. Usually it is an outlier in a Cultivators catalog. The first example that comes to mind is Strane’s Rambutan which dropped in to the market above 30% THC with an impressive overall terpene content percentage over 4%!
But, it wasn’t only the numbers that made Rambutan stand out amongst its peers; it was the sheer quality of the flower; its aroma, its density, and the cleanliness of the high overall.

small buds mule fuel

I would say the same thing about FADE’s Mule Fuel which may be one of the most potent cannabis strains to grace Maryland dispensaries.
And, like Rambutan, Mule Fuel’s effects offer a very wide spectrum of possible effects with equal amounts of uplifting focused cerebral energy in micro to medium doses and enough sedation at higher doses to stop a rhino in its tracks.

buds of mule fuelA strain this powerful can be many things; meaning that it can provide a rich and varied spectrum of effects depending only on the dose ingested. So many times a strain like Mule Fuel’s (and Mule Fuel’s GMO parent as well) are relegated to the “sleepy strain” realm while the more cerebral effects tend to be ignored. This I believe is simply depends on the amount of Mule Fuel ingested.

FADE cannabis is a California cultivator who has recently made inroads to the Maryland market, notably with its STORY brand first, and now with products from what seems to be the parent company, FADE.

The 1/4 ounce of Mule Fuel was technically labeled “smalls” or “small buds” buds and there are many takers who tend to correlate this with low potency. There is of course no basis for this being true. In fact, for some of us, these “small buds” are what many are used to seeing in their bags.

mule fuel budBack in the late 1980s and on into the 2000’s, most of the commercial black market “weed” was broken down into smaller buds; most people didn’t think twice about it; after all it wasn’t marketed as “smalls” or “popcorn buds”, it was just….normal.

FADE’s small buds in this quarter of Mule Fuel actually weighed more than the 7 grams that should be in a quarter ounce. With the tare weight subtracted it actually came out to be closer to 7.5 grams which was a pleasant surprise.

mule fule weight 9 grams
Yes, there were times, especially when you’d be the one “cutting it up” and parcelling it out, that you’d run across large, even gargantuan cola-sized buds, which would usually get broken down anyway.
You quickly realize that larger buds have much larger stems and that all big buds are collections of smaller buds anyway.
I know that this indeed does matter to some consumers. And it is true that different bud sites may be more potent on others depending on And to be fair some cultivators’ version of small buds includes what many cultivators’ may disregard; the smaller “LARF” buds sprouting from lower on the plant. Some people have said that the slang term “LARF” means “Light And Really Fluffy” but I don’t believe this to be accurate and these buds of Mule Fuel were quite dense to begin with.

If these are FADE’s LARF buds I can only imagine how potent the larger budded eighths must be; I can say that the “Small Buds” of some of the strongest, most potent buds ever grown.

bright green buds of mule fuel cannabis strainFADE seems to be breaking up larger more prominent colas into smaller more manageable buds. I say this because this is one of the most potent batches of buds I’ve ever smoked in spite of the notion that “small buds” being substandard when compared to larger buds.

Either way most would be fine with the logic of smaller buds being larger buds just broken down into smaller portions, if, and only if the buds in question weren’t just small and “LARF” to begin with.

This has been my favorite of the Fade strains that I’ve tried so far. The initial aroma, look, and ultimately the effects of this bud were very satisfying. For the money it really can’t be beat.

Dr. Jen Chalmers
Dr. Jen Chalmers
Dr. Jen Chalmers is an accomplished writer and cannabis enthusiast. With a Ph.D. in Botany and years of experience as a researcher, she brings a scientific perspective to her captivating articles on cannabis news, recipes, and the fascinating world of psychedelics.

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