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Sip on the Magic of the Unicorn Milk Strain

The Unicorn Milk strain is a mystical hybrid created by crossing Mothers Milk with Purple Unicorn. With THC levels between 30-34%, this highly potent strain is known for its dreamy and magical effects. In this review, we will explore the strain’s characteristics, effects, flavor, and cultivation techniques.

Is the Unicorn Milk Strain Indica or Sativa?

The Unicorn Milk strain is a hybrid with 60% indica and 40% sativa. This balance provides a relaxing body high typically associated with indicas, along with a gentle uplifting mental effect commonly found in sativas. While it leans more towards indica overall, it offers calming properties.

How Strong is the Unicorn Milk Strain?

The Unicorn Milk strain’s intense high can be attributed to its impressive THC content, ranging between 30-34%. In contrast, it contains less than 1% CBD. This combination produces a profoundly relaxing and euphoric high that envelops both the mind and body.


Relaxed, Uplifted, Sleepy


60% Indica / 40% Sativa


Mothers Milk X Purple Unicorn


Creamy, Fruity, Earthy

Helps with:

Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia

What are the Effects of Smoking the Unicorn Milk Strain?

When consumed, the Unicorn Milk strain elevates users to a state of blissful euphoria. The high is potent and fast-acting, simultaneously relaxing the body and uplifting the mind. These effects can be attributed to its indica dominance, which promotes a calm demeanor.

What are the Potential Medicinal Effects of Unicorn Milk?

Users have reported that Unicorn Milk may alleviate symptoms of depression, insomnia, and anxiety. The high THC content is likely responsible for its calming and mood-enhancing effects.

Does Smoking Unicorn Milk Make You Hungry?

In short, yes. Like many highly potent strains, Unicorn Milk has been known to induce a serious case of the “munchies”.

Does Smoking Unicorn Milk Make You Sleepy?

Thanks to its indica dominance, Unicorn Milk has calming effects that can lead to a peaceful and restful sleep. It is particularly well-suited for an evening smoke right before bedtime.

Growing Information for the Unicorn Milk Strain

Flowering Type:


Flowering Time:

8-10 weeks

Seed to Harvest:

84 – 110 days

Outdoor Yield:

500g – 1000g per plant

Training Methods:


Climate and Lighting

The Unicorn Milk strain thrives in warm, Mediterranean climates. It prefers well-draining, nutrient-rich living soil and ample sunlight. When grown indoors, maintain an 18/6 light cycle during the vegetative stage and a 12/12 cycle during the flowering stage.

During the Vegetative Stage

During the vegetative stage, the Unicorn Milk plant exhibits a medium height with thick foliage. Training methods like Low-Stress Training (LST), Scrog (Screen of Green), topping, and fimming are highly effective in maintaining a uniform canopy and optimizing light exposure for increased overall yield.

During the Flowering Stage

As the Unicorn Milk enters the flowering stage, it develops resinous buds with hues of purple. It is a moderate feeder, and the aroma intensifies as harvest approaches. Harvesting is typically done in mid-October. To achieve peak potency, cut the plants down once the trichomes exhibit a milky white appearance.

Is the Unicorn Milk Strain Suitable for Beginners?

Cultivating the Unicorn Milk strain is relatively easy, making it suitable for beginners. However, its high potency and intense high may not be suitable for novice smokers.

What are the Dominant Terpenes in the Unicorn Milk Strain?

The dominant terpenes in the Unicorn Milk strain are Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Terpinolene. These terpenes give the strain its rich aroma, with a combination of spicy, citrusy, and floral notes.

Terpene Table for the Unicorn Milk Strain

Terpene Percentage Associated Scent
Carene 0.09% Piney, woody
Terpinolene 0.19% Piney, floral, herbal
Caryophyllene 0.26% Spicy, woody, peppery
Limonene 0.23% Citrus, lemony
Dr. Jen Chalmers
Dr. Jen Chalmers
Dr. Jen Chalmers is an accomplished writer and cannabis enthusiast. With a Ph.D. in Botany and years of experience as a researcher, she brings a scientific perspective to her captivating articles on cannabis news, recipes, and the fascinating world of psychedelics.

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