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This 100-Year-Old Candy Factory Now Produces THC Edibles

We all have fond memories of unwrapping sugary treats, savoring their flavors, and experiencing sheer joy. As adults, this feeling becomes even more pronounced when opening an edible, especially one from Patsy’s Candies. Let’s explore the captivating history of this century-old candy factory and its transition to the hemp industry.

The Fascinating History of the Candy Factory

The history of Patsy’s Candy Factory started in the 1800s when visionary confectioner Patsy Mehaney set out to create the best-candied popcorn and saltwater taffy in Indiana. With a sprinkle of sugar and a dollop of passion, he embarked on a journey to establish a confectionery empire that would stand the test of time.

Initially, Patsy sold his products at local fairs and events in Terra Haute. There are even legendary tales of him striking a deal with a company called Cracker Jack after they approached him for his recipe. In 1903, he moved his operation from Indiana to Manitou Springs, Colorado, where he established Patsy’s Original.

Through his mastery of blending the finest ingredients and a touch of creativity, Patsy’s candy company grew into a giant in the confectionery industry, with thousands of retail locations across the nation. From delectable caramels to melt-in-your-mouth chocolates, their signature treats have brought pure bliss and captivated hearts and taste buds for generations.

The Transformation: From Sugar Rush to High Times

As the years passed, Patsy’s Candy Factory embraced change. The brand recognized the shifting consumer demand and embarked on a bold new venture: infusing their timeless candies with the therapeutic benefits of CBD and THC. Despite this evolution, the factory remains unwavering in its commitment to using the finest ingredients to create mouth-watering candy. This mission continues with the introduction of the new line of XITE Edibles, which incorporate cannabis extracts.

Original Patsy Candies and XITE Edibles

When people think of Patsy Candy Factory’s THC edibles, XITE Edibles is often the first thing that comes to mind. XITE Edibles is a subsidiary of Patsy’s Original Candies. However, some of the original Patsy edibles can still be purchased from the brand’s online store. These edibles are made from the same ingredients as XITE Edibles and share the same terpene profile. The main difference is that while the original Patsy edibles are limited to nuggets, caramels, chocolate minis, and popcorn, the XITE line offers a wider range of products, including toffee, hard candy, and gummies.

Terpene Profile

The extracts used in Patsy’s Originals and XITE Edibles are sourced from locally grown hemp plants in Colorado. This ensures a premium Full Spectrum Hemp Extract that serves as the foundation for their CBD and THC-infused treats. The Full Spectrum Hemp Extract contains a rich variety of terpenes and cannabinoids that work together to create what is known as the “entourage effect.” Simply put, the entourage effect occurs when cannabinoids and terpenes are present in a product, causing them to synergize and produce a more encompassing therapeutic experience compared to average CBD products.

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Therefore, XITE and Patsy Edibles offer a distinctive type of high. However, the specific high experienced may differ due to variations in the THC content between the two product lines.

One significant difference between the edibles in the XITE line and those from Patsy’s Original is the presence of delta-9 THC, also known as THC. It has potent effects that range from euphoria and relaxation to altered perception and increased appetite. Therefore, it is important to consume the tincture in reasonable quantities based on individual tolerance levels.

To address this, Patsy’s Candy Factory adds small amounts of delta-9 THC oil to XITE Edibles. For example, each Cookie and Cream Minis bar contains 30 milligrams of cannabis—15 milligrams of THC and 15 milligrams of CBD. In contrast, Patsy’s Edibles Dark Chocolate Minis only contain 25mg of hemp extract. Each edible comes with a recommended quantity to consume per hour.

Best Sellers from Patsy Candy Factory

Chocolate bars are a particular favorite among customers. THC-infused bars combine the smooth and creamy texture of premium chocolate with the euphoric effects of THC. They are available in various flavors, including milk and dark chocolate. The Delta-9 Peanut Butter Nuggets are also popular, thanks to their size and the smooth and creamy peanut butter filling.

For those without a sweet tooth, the D9 Gummies are a great choice. They offer a soothing experience similar to the chocolates but with a variety of fruity flavors instead of sugar and cream.


Patsy Candy Factory, a beloved century-old confectionery, has undergone an incredible transformation. The shift from traditional candy and sweets to THC-infused confectionery is truly remarkable and is appreciated by cannabis consumers who support their business. The THC edibles from Patsy’s Candy Factory are infused with locally grown cannabis, carefully selected for its purity and therapeutic properties. The combination of unique cannabis extracts and the brand’s expert recipes has produced a range of delightful sensory products.


1. Can I purchase Patsy’s Original Candies online?

Yes, Patsy’s Original Candies can be purchased through the brand’s online store.

2. Are there any differences between XITE Edibles and Patsy’s Original Edibles?

While XITE Edibles and Patsy’s Original Edibles share the same terpene profile, XITE Edibles offers a wider range of products compared to Patsy’s Original Edibles. Additionally, XITE Edibles contain small amounts of delta-9 THC, whereas Patsy’s Original Edibles do not.

3. How much THC is present in XITE Edibles?

The THC content in XITE Edibles varies depending on the product. Each edible comes with a prescribed quantity to consume per hour.

4. What is the terpene profile in Patsy’s Originals and XITE Edibles?

The terpene profile in Patsy’s Originals and XITE Edibles is derived from locally grown hemp plants in Colorado. This provides a premium Full Spectrum Hemp Extract that offers a more encompassing therapeutic experience.

5. Are Patsy’s THC edibles affordable?

Yes, Patsy’s THC edibles are reasonably priced and easily accessible to consumers aged 21 and above.

*This post was originally published on Veriheal.

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Dr. Jen Chalmers
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