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Premium 1 Hose Hookah Complete Set

Premium 1 Hose Hookah Complete Set

GSTAR Premium Hookah Series – 11″ Complete System. Easy to Assemble, Disassemble, Clean and Store Away – Perfect for Home or for Travel.

Dongchess Portable Mini Hookah Set

Dongchess Portable Mini Hookah Set

The design is exquisite and compact, you can put it in your pocket and use it anytime, anywhere.

Portable Hookah with Hose and Shisha Accessories

Portable Hookah with Hose and Shisha Accessories

Mini Water Pipe Handheld Size with Brush, Cleaning Tools and Easy to Clean.

JUMEIGE Zinc Alloy Filter Hookah

JUMEIGE Zinc Alloy Filter Hookah

Can filter part of tar, nicotine and other substances, make smoking healthier with 5 PCS 1 Inch Stainless Steel Pipe Screens.

BOXUAN Portable Hookah Hose

BOXUAN Portable Hookah Hose

Stylish design, perfect for gifts to yourself or loved ones like your father, husband, boyfriend or business partners! Giving care and health!

JINT Portable Hookah with Hose

JINT Portable Hookah with Hose and Shisha Accessories

Mini Water Pipe Handheld size with Brush, Cleaning Tools and Easy to Clean, Perfect Gift for Boyfriend, Father, Husband or Friends.

If you enjoy smoking cannabis or want to try to do it, you should know what are the best appliances to use. There are several ways to do this. If you are new to smoking cannabis, then you need to understand in detail the difference between the ways of smoking weed. People often think that water pipes and bongs are the same things. Some are often confused about the difference between their use and operation. So, let’s talk about the difference between those two. We will also help you to choose bongs vs water pipes.

Are water pipes and bongs the same thing?

So, let’s talk about what are the differences between bongs bubblers and water pipes.

In other words, bong can be called plumbing pipes. It contains water filtration systems that helps to prevent ash from entering your body. It has special compartments that are filled with water and provides smooth and slow smoking. The smoke that comes out is weak and cold. For you to know, bongs are also made in different designs and come with additional filters, interchangeable pieces, and universal joints.

Pipes are easier to use and operate. They consist of bowls, a hole, and a pipe. You get hot smoke through a short distance from the fire. The smoke does not have time to cool, and they do not contain a cooling system. Pipes resemble cigarettes, by the mechanism. So, if you want to try cannabis smoking for the first time, you can choose this option. Also, it is cheaper. However, you can also buy more expensive pipes which contain additional filters and various sealable top which are easier to use because wider pipes are easier to clean.

Very often we see only glass pipes and water bongs. However, they can be made of different materials: wood, plastic, metal, clay. You can also choose ceramic water pipes bongs. They have an exquisite appearance.

How to store water pipes bongs?

As a rule, the lucky owners of water pipes or glass bongs do not know where to store them. They are quite fragile, so you should avoid a possible fall. That is why it is worth coming up with a place where they will be safe. You can save the packaging from under them and store them there. You can also wash a special box which will be an additional decorative element. You can also hide them under the bed or in the closet. However, you must be sure that they will be safe there.

Do bongs or bubblers get you higher?

This question is often discussed among people who have tried both methods. Opinions differ on this. However, bongs are the best way to get the most THC. It is this substance that can get you higher. Therefore, you can believe that bongs are the best way to feel the desired effect. Bongs also provide a long-lasting effect. However, it all depends on the amount of use.

Are water bongs illegal?

The use of bongs like marijuana remains illegal in most states. Therefore, you cannot buy them there legally. However, the use of bongs is not as dangerous as the use of marijuana. 

That is why the punishments are not so severe. However, you can choose a place where it is possible to do so. Buying bongs online is also considered illegal. However, this is the best option. You can buy them there without specifying personal data. The store will provide you with complete confidentiality.

Are small bongs worth it?

Small and large bongs have their advantages and disadvantages. Of course, big bongs can provide quality and smooth smoking. They may have additional elements and are also suitable for use in the company. However, small bongs are much more compact and cheaper. Therefore, if these properties are more important to you, you can buy them.

How much does a bong cost?

So, we have already found out that the best place to buy is online shopping. There you can find a large selection of bongs and water pipes for sale. However, people are often interested in how expensive they are. The price of bongs depends on their quality and size. Small bongs can be purchased for $ 5-20. More refined and with additions is sold for $ 20-30. If you want a large bong you need to pay for around $ 80. You can also choose handmade ceramic water pipes bongs. Of course, their cost will start from $ 100 and above.